Insignia of the Masonic Order of Athelstanthe masonic order of athelstan

The Masonic Order of Athelstan is an invitation-only masonic Order based on the life of King Athelstan who, in the early 10th century, united the various kingdoms of England to become the first King of all the English. During his reign he was responsible for many laws and regulations, including charges and regulations for operative masons which to this day remain an influence on modern freemasonry.

In common with most Masonic Orders, Athelstan utilises legend and allegory in its ritual to impart and illustrate moral lessons. It seeks to provide its members with a code for life and a thirst for knowledge. The ritual centres on a young Master Mason attending the Grand Assembly at York and the lessons learnt from his Instruction into Operative Masonry in the 10th century.

Since its foundation in 2005 the growth of the Order has been extraordinary, with Provinces throughout England and Wales, North and South America, Europe and the Far East. In addition, standalone Grand Courts now flourish in Australia and India.

The Order, in England and Wales, is structured so that its Provinces, wherever possible, reflect and represent the original Kingdoms established by King Athelstan. The Province of Wessex encompasses the modern-day administrative counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire, as well as various unitary authorities including Bristol.

Map of Athelstan Masonic Provinces


All Athelstan Courts generally have three regular meetings a year, although additional meetings may be held, by dispensation, solely for the purpose of Instructing Candidates. Court meetings are followed by a Festive Board. There are no speeches at the Festive Board and no wine takings. This practice is designed so that members and guests may talk together with little or no interruption. The Formal Toasts are given standing at the end of the meal, one after another, with no preamble before each Toast.


The Order is an Invitational Order with a current member inviting a suitably qualified brother to consider membership, however, all brethren interested in the Order are encouraged to let their interest be known.

Subscriptions are kept to a minimum and annual charges levied by both the Province and Grand Court are modest. There is one alms collection a year and that is at the installation meeting.


The qualifications for membership of the Masonic Order of Athelstan are that prospective members must be current subscribing members of a Craft Lodge recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England and a current subscribing member of a Royal Arch Chapter recognised by the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England.

Royal Arch Companion Apron

A Brother who ceases to be a subscribing member of a Craft Lodge or a Royal Arch Chapter recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England automatically forfeits his membership of the Masonic Order of Athelstan.

If you would like to know more or wish to join the Order, please contact one of our Court Secretaries or our Provincial Grand Secretary who will be pleased to refer your enquiry to the relevant Brother.

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